General information

First International conference for ccTLD registries and registrars from CIS, Central and Eastern Europe 8-10 September 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria successfully finished.

The conference was supported by the Bulgarian State Agency for Information Technology and Communications (SAITC).

Participants had the opportunity to share best practice, to discuss priority aims and acute issues in ccTLD domain name registration field, registries and registrars relations as well as contemporary problems and tendencies of the Internet development, international cooperation possibilities.

The main topics of the conference were as follows:

  • Acute issues and prospects of ccTLDs;
  • Update on ICANN/IANA activities;
  • ccTLD registry and registrars relations;
  • Domain name dispute resolution policy (ADRP, UDRP). Possibilities for UDRP/ADRP implementation and best practice;
  • Customer identification problems;
  • Security on the Internet;
  • DNSSEC, IPv6 introduction: current status and prospects;
  • Internet Governance. Future of the Internet;
  • International cooperation opportunities. How to become a part of international organizations.

Official languages of the conference - russian, english.

Conference participants were representatives of the ccTLD registries and registrars from CIS region, Central and Eastern Europe.

Further information on the venue and accommodation facilities, agenda, social events you may find on this website.